Brake Repair in Spokane

Front/Rear Brake Repair in Spokane, WA at Findlay Downtown Toyota Spokane

When the front or rear-end brakes of your Toyota require repair, schedule a service appointment and come see us at Findlay Downtown Toyota Spokane for helpful repairs from qualified technicians. Over time, as with any vehicle and its parts, the brakes of your new Toyota will wear on and lose their stopping power, resulting in the need for replacement parts. However, you might not know which parts need replacement or when, so follow along with us and schedule an appointment when you notice the signs appear. You will find our service department at Findlay Downtown Toyota Spokane located on W 3rd Ave in Spokane, WA.

Common Signs of Brake Repair Need

If you detect any of these signs and symptoms, you should schedule a service appointment immediately as they could constitute a safety concern in the long-term:

  • Brake Light Activation
  • Strange noises- squeaking, squealing, scraping
  • Shaking steering wheel when braking
  • Sticking caliper/brake pedal spongy
  • Excessive wobbling, incomplete stopping


  • Brake Pad Wear: One of the most common causes of brake failure/repair need comes from work down pads, which see the most action.
  • Warped Rotors: The rotors represent a crucial component of the system too and can overheat due to excess usage. Warping will present itself with a pulsing feeling when applying brakes.
  • Fluid Lack: Yes, you might even simply lack proper brake fluid. Our technicians can check for this and can top you off as needed or check the brake lines to ensure fluid properly gets delivered.

How to Prevent Further Issues

When we replace the brake materials in the front or back of your car, make sure you take great care not to put excessive strain on them in the long-term. When coming to a stop, you should apply moderate pressure and release the brakes periodically to allow the pads/rotors to cool rather than "riding" the brakes. If your Toyota runs on manual transmission, you may consider "downshifting" and putting the vehicle in neutral when cruising downhill. However, we only recommend downshifting on clear days when the roads remain clear of snow, rain, and ice.

Get your front/rear brakes repaired here at Findlay Downtown Toyota Spokane Today!


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