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Automotive Air Conditioning Service in Spokane

It's a warm day in Spokane, WA and you're ready to get in the car and head out for your next appointment. But there's just one problem: you turn the dial to get some cool air from the climate control system and you get nothing but warm air. Now you're bound to a drive of sweat and discomfort.

This is a scenario that plays out all too often, and it can be quite the inconvenience. Fortunately, all is not lost for cars with faulty AC systems. Qualified technicians have ways to identify and solve problems with air conditioning systems as they happen.

The most common problem with vehicle AC systems relates to refrigerant leaks. AC systems use Freon to cool the air as it passes through. If the Freon leaks out, there's no way to keep air cool. If your AC is blowing warm, this is likely the issue at hand. Technicians like the one at the Findlay Toyota Spokane service center can identify leaks and plug them accordingly.

Next, you'll need to get your AC recharged with fresh Freon. This process replenishes Freon levels after a leak so the system can cool properly. Once the service is complete, you'll be able to get the icy cool air that you need on warm days.

The service team here at Findlay Toyota Spokane can handle other AC-related repairs as well. If you notice problems with temperature control, don't hesitate to reach out and ask for help. We can identify problems and provide the necessary services to correct them.

When you're ready, contact our service staff to schedule your appointment. We'll make sure you get a time and date that works conveniently with your schedule.


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