Car and Truck Battery Replacement in Spokane

Car/Truck Battery Replacement in Spokane, WA at Findlay Downtown Toyota Spokane

We invite you to schedule a service appointment at Findlay Downtown Toyota Spokane when your car/truck battery requires maintenance or replacement. As with any electronic device, the battery constitutes one of the most important parts to keeping your Toyota powered and will wear out after about three to four years. When you need replacement batteries, schedule a service appointment here at Findlay Downtown Toyota Spokane and come see us on W 3rd St for convenient maintenance.

A Powerful and Crucial Component

The main car or truck battery of your Toyota serves two crucial purposes:

  1. Power: Of course, the chemical reaction in your battery converts chemical energy into the voltage of electrical energy required to start the car.
  2. Stabilization: While it powers the car, the battery also stabilizes energy ion order to prevent short-circuiting and excessive engine draining.

Warning Signs of Battery Failure

As your battery wears on, you will notice many signs of its impending failure. If these symptoms pop up, you should schedule a service appointment in Downtown Spokane immediately:

  • Slow Cranking: As you start up the vehicle, you might notice it stalls or generally starts up slowly. This represents a sure sign your battery might die out soon.
  • Warning Lights: You might know of the "Check Engine" dashboard light, but you will also notice a light delaying the battery. If either sign comes up, schedule a car/truck battery replacement.
  • Strange Smells: When you pop the hood, you my notice a sulfuric smell, like that of rotten eggs. This represents a definite sign that excess corrosion took place from leaking battery acid and that the battery might fail completely soon.
  • Warping of Battery Case: Another clear sign comes from the housing of the battery. When on its last leg, the battery case might look warped or might leak acid/corrosion.
  • Decreased Headlight Strength: The battery powers all electrical components of your vehicle, so a strong sign of battery failure comes from decreased headlight strength or general failure of other electrical systems of the car or truck.

Schedule a Service Appointment Today!

If you see any of these symptoms present themselves, order a replacement battery online or schedule a service appointment for new car/truck batteries at Findlay Downtown Toyota Spokane. Come see us today!


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