Toyota Engine Tune Up

Getting to Know the Basics of Engine Tune Ups

There's a lot that goes into proper car care. From routine tire rotations to in-depth repairs, you'll need all sorts of services to make sure you're getting the best performance, safety, and comfort possible.

One of the most common ways to help cars near Spokane, WA run and drive better and longer is through regular engine tune ups.

Rather than focusing in on just one service, engine tune ups refer to a collection of common services that can be taken care of all together during one appointment. This general maintenance is important for helping your engine maintain power, efficiency, and durability.

Engine tune up appointments at Findlay Downtown Toyota Spokane tend to focus on a few services. One of the first things our mechanics do is inspect the engine air filter. These filters can collect dust and other debris over time, limiting the engine's ability to aspirate properly. If necessary, a new filter will be installed.

Next, they'll inspect your engine's spark plugs to make sure they're functioning. Corroded or faulty spark plugs will be replaced.

Our team will likely also inspect your vehicle's fuel system. Dirty fuel lines and injectors can be a detriment to your fuel economy and even end up damaging other engine components.

Lastly, we'll check and top off engine fluids. This can include engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, and others. Additional services may be addressed as well if problems are spotted during the general engine inspection.

The frequency of these engine tune ups can vary from car to car. Each engine is different, after all. Most mechanics recommend a yearly engine tune up, but you can also check your owner's manual for specific recommendations.

If you have questions about engine tune ups, contact the service center at Findlay Downtown Toyota Spokane!


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